Saturday, May 06, 2006

my bad. I'll just have to wonder.

To my Non Existent viwers, I regret to inform you. (But mostly myself) That this site will probably never get anywhere.

You see, Butterfly Coffee is huge. And I think all the messed up plot holes are what makes it so....strange. So restarting would ruin the rythmn I had when I first started writting it.

I wish I could go back in time and tell myself, gah WATCH FOR HOLES. (And falling rocks)
But it was really in the NaNoWriMo style...Write everday as much as you can keep going with it. It was great, like shit I never expected myself to write that much, about a single topic. Even tho it's all shit. (Well some of it)

The werebouts of butterfly coffee are undertermined right now. I didn't think I had stuff to write about still, but I do. Because of that cut to the future I still have the unpleasant buisness of a giagantic fight...And explaing Holy. Maybe explaining A LOT of things.

I'd like to say it saddens me that my two largest readers where people I was in a realtionship with. Once those where over they stopped reading. Or at least commenting. It's very...betraying. Did you ever love my work? I feel lied. Betrayed.
People I thought I could count on, my friends, they have left me alone in all of this story business.

It's displeasing that people can't be introduced to new things. That they do it to please you but after that they think nothing of it. I'd like to belive that if sombody taught me something, it wouldn't kill me to think of it again. I've learned about a lot of great things from peope who either hate me, or won't have civil conversatiosn with me anymore.

All I mean is....Life is about learning, and expriencing, but not letting the two stop each other.

I hope somebody reads this, if I'm willing to put my words on the page, I hope there are people out there willing to read it.

thanks. :}


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