Monday, April 25, 2005

ch 1 - window is a window.

a little chicka sat. and pecked whatever was in front of her. not not a bird. they where in florida(migration), this is the story of know..shes jst this chick.

the window to my life, was not much of a window. all tho seen as a window, acts as a window it is not.
more so that it is a garage door and on this garage door lies a scraped off hole where there used to sit a sheep.why this sheep is gone? he began to piss me off. we had to let him go.

and i stirred my coffee and watched whatever it was walked outside.i saw janice. oh she was a cool one. she had that look on her face, the one where you have been deprived of a severe mocha. and it was my job to get her this moccha sshe so badly needed. it was my job, i guess, kinda ,sorta.
i flipped over hte little open sign for janice. she wouldnt see it, she woudlnt care..she would jsut barge throug. but i guess i had other customers too.

coffee machine on, counter clean. bookmark in book, apron on. door unlocked. the same checklist all day and evryday. this was sheeps, my life. my passion. my cliche hipster fashion i had a coffe house dumped on me. where we had bean bag chairs and listed ot indie music. and emo kids were kicked out. although the cool ones stayed so we could make fun of them. and we sold coffee and it was oka.y

the coworker to my left well, they wernt really htere. and the one on my right well that was an overdue coffee break for a couple years. i have said we and number of times, this is because my voices comfort me. they are they. they serve coffee too. but i dont need to hshare the life is good.

"coffe now. dying need mocha" the eys of an evil creature wiht no name, that could sneak htrough hte bell over my door had her fingers diggin tino my counter and her eyes looming on top of me. adn the voices urging'do what she says'

and i did.

jjanice had this thing with her eyes. they where very pretty, she was an asian.y ou know, thin eyes long black hair. she was nice and shrort, at least eye level to this thing with her eys they held all the meoiton of the world in these tiny little eyes. so before her lips touched her coffee her eyes had devoured it. growing wide and calming down. she sat at her table...which really wasnt ehrs but i think her name was carved into the bottom....somwhow.

Sheeps coffee the rightful name name set in some nice letters outside was the rightful coffe of this town. oh sure people osld coffee too. their was no starbucks here.(thank god.) but sheeps was the number one.

(okay thats all i have right now. ill put more as soon as i can. the internet browser i use will not let me post on at school right now.this method of using the scholl comps wto post will work...until summer.

oh the chapter is kinda wlel....bad. but i dont care tha t mcuh.


At 5:21 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

cooleo, pretty confusin at the begnin, so should i forget all about butterflycoffe? LYe cya


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